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Touring Australia - Travel, Touring,  Trip and Accomodation Guide.

Australia is a fantastic travel and touring location with abundant caravan parks (also called Holiday or Tourist Parks) and camping grounds.

Information on attractions, accommodation, sports, places to see and things to do for tourists and travellers.

Are you a Backpacker, Camper, Caravanner, 5th Wheeler, RV Motorhome owner?

Going on a weekend drive or a 2 year trip?

We are here to assist you in planning your trip, making it more enjoyable and help you to see the most of Australia in the time you have available.

Before setting off on your holiday there are a few things to consider.

Do you worry who’s going to look after your cat or dog while you’re away on holiday?

Are you concerned your home may be a target for burglary during your absence?

Who will collect your mail?    What about your garden?

 We have a solution! Click here to read more

Portland coast scenery view, Victoria

If your interest is skiing, golf, horse racing, hot air ballooning, white water rafting, bowling, sightseeing, bush walking, hiking, mountain bike riding, tours, fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, motor racing, shopping, casinos, cruises, theme parks, tennis, football, rugby league, basketball, - we highlight attractions in towns Australia wide.

Portland coastal view, VictoriaNo matter where you intend starting or ending your Aussie touring, a small amount of time planning your trip will reward you greatly.

It is very frustrating returning from a touring trip and learning that you missed a major tourist attraction because you we unaware of it before heading off. This site was created to inform you what Australia has to offer.

As peoples interests vary so dramatically, we will direct you to specific pages depending on your area of interest.

Be sure to check our Before setting off maintenance checklist prior to travelling, regardless if you are camping in a tent, caravan, Motorhome, campervan, swag, motel, or cabin.

Motorhomes offer great flexibility when travelling, especially for extended periods. They vary from the smaller budget types, up to elaborate 5 star luxury containing everything a person could need.

For more information on Motorhomes please click here to go to our Motorhome page.

Caravaning is a great way to see Australia. There are many clubs throughout Australia that have organised trips occurring at various times of the year.

We are currently compiling lists of clubs across Australia. If you have any club details to update or include on our site, please click here .


For more information on caravans click here



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